stories of impact



Zaib’s Story

As 2020 ushered in COVID-19, life in Pakistan turned upside down for Zaib. Yet as communication went digital, he received the opportunity to learn new leadership skills. When Zaib received an invitation to join Beyond Success Transformation Table facilitation, he was curious and enthusiastic to acquire a new skill.

Zaib learned how to build a strong relationship with God and his people. He has experienced steady growth in his personality, spirituality, mental health, perception, integrity, values, beliefs and much more. His trainer delivered the sessions with love and devotion that inspired him and others to become influential leaders.

“Beyond Success changed my life. I began to realize that I can bring positive change to my community by adding value to them through facilitating Beyond Success. Now I am confident to lead a group and facilitate. By putting others first, I am making a difference in their lives and hence I am the Light and Salt of the world for Christ. I hope to do this in my daily life. In a nutshell I am thankful to God Almighty for providing me with such a great blessing that I can spread His love and joy and be His ambassador.”



Ruth’s Story

Ruth, age 17, lives with a Christian family in a Muslim dominant region of Liberia. Ruth has struggled with her faith over the years. Her parents always told her to be mindful not to leave Islam. Ruth‘s mother was once a Christian but converted to the Islamic faith when she married.

“My father is a staunch Muslim so all along we regularly go to the mosque with him for prayers”.

During her participation in Beyond Success, Ruth heard about Jesus Christ being the son of God (Savior), but doubted its truth, especially given her parents’ continued warnings. However, the values topics made sense to her. During the “My Most Important Relationship” lesson, Ruth said the prayer of faith but was afraid to immediately make it known. Eventually she told her facilitator that she strongly believes that Jesus is the Son of God. Ruth is hungry for the Word and has shared that her parents have become flexible and allow her to attend church.



Sam’s Story

“Beyond Success has created a positive impact on every aspect of my life. It being a simple tool yet a powerful one, helped me grow in leadership and values.” Sam gained knowledge from the experiences of others through his participation in the roundtable. Each round table made a unique imprint on his day-to-day living.

“Beyond Success was a turning point of my life which made me understand who I am and what I am here for. I was able to identify my purpose. Being a facilitator transformed me and helped me to apply all the leadership qualities.”

Sam shares that each lesson was designed in a way that made him think more deeply about his life. He understood his life with beautiful and vibrant colors. Beyond Success taught Sam how to maintain healthy relationships and live intentionally by adding value to people around me. “I realized good intensions are good but intentional living brings out success. The bonus lesson was the ultimate change maker. Finally, I realized life is not just about success but Beyond Success!”



Maria’s Story

Maria, 55, has a degree in communication sciences and is engaged. She joined a Beyond Success roundtable with a friend and with a great desire to learn the keys to being the best version of herself.

Her life was full of attitude problems that she did not perceive and her relationship with her partner was in danger due to her attitude. She lacked the knowledge to solve problems with people she appreciated as well as the lack of attention in her priorities.

Maria felt purposeless in not knowing how to properly manage her life and relationships. She was struck by the effective and practical ways in which the Beyond Success themes are presented and how they are adapted to everyday life. Through the roundtables, she learned the importance of priorities in life and adding value to others. She attributes the beginning of her transformation and the saving of her relationship from the first day at the roundtable.