Beyond Success
Transformation for individuals, businesses, and entire communities

What is Beyond Success?

At its core, the program is an outreach from believers to those within their circles of influence, often within the business community. We train local influencers to conduct Beyond Success tables with other leaders and acquaintances.

Beyond Success tables offer a highly accessible pathway to personal improvement as well as an opportunity to hear John C. Maxwell share his faith. We have seen the effectiveness of this strategy throughout the world. People’s lives are improving as they apply the personal growth and leadership development principles and many thousands have come to Christ.

Today, we invite you to join the movement!

Become a Leader

If you have a heart to help others grow in their personal and leadership growth journey, we invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a Beyond Success Facilitator.  The journey starts with taking part in the Beyond Success Tables.  Once you complete the 7 sessions, you are able to be part of our facilitator training and have access to all of the materials you need to begin your own Beyond Success tables.  Just click the button below to start the journey.  If you have a larger group that you are ready to empower as facilitators and use the material for outreach in your organization, please connect to us for more information.

Bring to Your Organization: