“We were made for significance--for making a difference”

- John C. Maxwell

Where Leadership and Evangelism Meet

EQUIP Leadership empowers believers to freely share their faith within their circles of influence. Our world is ready for a new legacy of Christian leaders – leaders who bring the hope of a transformed world and a brighter future based on Biblical values and a relationship with God.


In a world that appears so divisive, EQUIP offers evangelistic solutions that first add value to a lost world and ultimately deliver hope that comes with faith in Jesus.


    Worldwide transformation through empowered believers sharing their faith.


    To develop and mobilize Christian leaders within their circles of influence.


    To develop and disseminate world-class, values-based, relationship-driven programs and content to believers in every nation.

Be the Salt and Light our World Needs

Our work has only just begun.

NOW more than ever is the time to be Salt and Light. Discover how!