Pastor's Pack September 2023

Dear Pastor,

I hope this email finds you well. I want to thank you for your partnership…because of your generosity, we are seeing a soul saved every forty-nine seconds (YES, 49 seconds) of every day! Praise the Lord!

As a thank you for your faithful partnership, we wanted to gift you and your team a value-add FREE workshop! On Tuesday, September 26we will be hosting our Generosity Accelerator Workshop with Pastor Rob Ketterling.

Would you like to see the giving to your church increase by over 80%? Are you looking for a strategic way to increase the generosity of those who attend your church?

The principles Pastor Rob shares through this workshop will teach you how to do just that … if applied! Check out the information in the email below and get registered immediately for this value-add FREE event just for you as a thank you for your partnership! Your team can join in too!

Thank you again for all you do to partner with us to spread the Gospel. In the rest of this email you will find resources and graphics you can utilize to share with your churches. Please let us know if there is anyway we can better serve you!


OMS-Campaign-49 second-in-2023

Please check out the folder of resources and graphics that you can utilize for communication. The '49 seconds' graphic is one we would love for you to share! Your partnership is making an eternal impact at an unprecedented rate! Thank you for the opportunity to share the significance of what we get to do together.

The graphics are designed for use on various screens, social media and to be added to presentations as your team shares the vision of evangelism and leadership at EQUIP with your church family.

Resource Highlight

How would you like to see your church’s tithe and offering increase by 85% over the next few years? I think every pastor reading this right now would raise their hands! That is exactly the result Pastor John Nuzzo experienced when he implemented the principles of the Generosity Accelerator Workshop with Pastor Rob Ketterling! This is why we are so excited to offer this workshop exclusively for our Pastoral Partners with Pastor Rob Ketterling on September 26th! The workshop will be online and free to you! Check out all the information in this video and reserve your spot.

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In a special episode of the Maxwell Leadership Podcast, Mark Cole is delighted to be joined by Ryan Leak, an accomplished author, speaker, leadership coach, and filmmaker. Ryan has been instrumental in guiding numerous leaders and businesses in reshaping their perspective on failure. In his latest book, “Leveling Up,” he presents 12 thought-provoking questions designed to help leaders assess their personal and professional growth. You can watch it on YouTube.

Listen to the recent episode of the Maxwell Leadership Executive Podcast with Chris Goede and Perry Holley. If you are not aware of your values, and you are not intentionally living them out each day, you risk damaging the influence you have with others UP, DOWN, and ACROSS from you in the organization (and your home). You can watch it on YouTube.


Upcoming Events

John Maxwell 
April 6, 2022

We are thrilled to share some of our exciting upcoming events. (To see the full list, check out 2023-2024 Events)

  • Roundtable with Dan Cathy, Chairman of the fast-food giant Chick-fil-A: October 10-11, 2023. Come and hear how Dan plays a part in your favorite Marvel movies! Perfectly situated near Atlanta's international airport, our event will take place at Trilith Studios, Fayette County, GA. The cost is a $10,000 contribution to the Maxwell Leadership Foundation. Register Online.
  • Exchange and Exclusive Pre-Event, November 7, 2023. Enjoy a day of golf at the incredible Wynn Resort and Golf Course right in theheart of Las Vegas, and join John Maxwell and Molly Spearman, former SouthCarolina Superintendent of South Carolina, for an unforgettable Roundtable.This incredible day of golf and personal growth is just the pre-event for a 3-dayimmersive experience at Exchange 2023. The cost for all 4 days is a $20,000contribution to Maxwell Leadership Foundation. Register Online.

When you attend one of our events, in addition to a great return on your charity investment, we want to give you a personal growth experience, introduce you to extraordinary people, and provide unforgettable moments. Our events are an avenue for all three.

Please know we are so very grateful for you! Let me know how we can serve you. You are bringing transformation to the world through your partnership with EQUIP/MLF. We love you deeply and respect you greatly!

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