Pastor's Pack December 2023

Dear Pastor,

I hope this email finds you well. I want to thank you for your partnership … because of your generosity, we are seeing a soul saved every forty-nine seconds (YES, 49 seconds) of every day! Praise the Lord!

Thank you again for all you do to partner with us to spread the Gospel. In the rest of this email you will find resources and graphics you can utilize to share with your churches. Please let us know if there is anyway we can better serve you!


OMS-Campaign-49 second-in-2023

Please check out the folder of resources and graphics that you can utilize for communication. The '49 seconds' graphic is one we would love for you to share! Your partnership is making an eternal impact at an unprecedented rate! Thank you for the opportunity to share the significance of what we get to do together.

The graphics are designed for use on various screens, social media and to be added to presentations as your team shares the vision of evangelism and leadership at EQUIP with your church family.

Resource Highlight

Check out other recent content from John C. Maxwell


In this episode of the Maxwell Leadership Podcast, John Maxwell teaches three essential areas in which leaders need to grow and stretch in order to become the best leader for their people. After John’s lesson, Mark Cole and Traci Morrow discuss practical ways you can apply this lesson to your own life and leadership. You can watch it on YouTube.

Listen to the recent episode of the Maxwell Leadership Executive Podcast with Chris Goede and Perry Holley. This episode draws inspiration from Captain David Marquet’s experience as captain of the USS Santa Fe, a nuclear submarine in the Navy. The podcast emphasizes the importance of cultivating a culture of leadership and creating an environment where team members think and act like leaders, regardless of their titles. You can watch it on YouTube.


Upcoming Events

John Maxwell 
April 6, 2022

We are thrilled to share some of our exciting upcoming events.

  • Nicklaus Invitational 2024
    February 6, 2024 | Jupiter, FL
    $100,000 contribution to Maxwell Leadership Foundation
    Register Now
  • Maxwell Invitational 2024
    April 15-18, 2024 | Scottsdale, AZ
    $40,000 contribution to Maxwell Leadership Foundation
    Register Now
  • Greek Cruise
    Steps of Paul with John and Margaret Maxwell
    July 5-15, 2024
    $110,000 contribution to EQUIP
    Register Now

When you attend one of our events, in addition to a great return on your charity investment, we want to give you a personal growth experience, introduce you to extraordinary people, and provide unforgettable moments. Our events are an avenue for all three.

Please know we are so very grateful for you! Let me know how we can serve you. You are bringing transformation to the world through your partnership with EQUIP/MLF. We love you deeply and respect you greatly!

Partner Connection