Legacy Partnership

A Legacy partner is a transformational leader, that contributes a minimum of $100,000 annually to EQUIP.
To become a legacy partner, please email R.D. Saunders at rd.saunders@iequip.org

Legacy partners are individuals who share a bond as distinguished leaders with success in their careers and influence in their community. These leaders have made the decision to add value and multiply their impact and expand the kingdom through generosity.

Legacy Partners make the significant commitment to give at least $100,000 annually to John Maxwell’s charities, and in doing so bring transformation through values-based leadership to communities around the world. it is our hope and belief that our Legacy Partners will find their acts of generosity to be more rewarding and beneficial in return than the gifts they give. We know that influential leaders join this mission not for what they will receive in return, but here are some of the benefits of being a Legacy Partner with us.


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