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A transformational leadership and personal growth journey

Successful people share some common values and actions. Learning and living those values is what the Beyond Success journey is all about. Beyond Success is a 7-session personal growth and leadership development journey developed by John C. Maxwell.  The Beyond Success journey uses the interactive roundtable format to explore and experience the values related to a successful life. Each session is comprised of a small group of 6-8 participants meeting for 60-90 minutes and is designed to help participants learn and live a value related to success. Participants have the unique opportunity to hear John Maxwell teach these values and hear the unique experiences of his life. Additionally, they can hear from the insights and experiences of others in their table as well as share their own insights and experiences.  Best of all, they learn what the value looks like lived out, the benefits that come from living each value, and they can develop personal action steps they can take each week.  The Beyond Success journey will help empower your life and leadership with more intention, action, and value.


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You can join an upcoming table that meets virtually for the 7-session journey.  There is no homework required and the journey is free!  Click on the link below to find out more about an upcoming table opportunity.


John C. Maxwell

Author of Beyond Success

  • An icon or world leadership
  • Named America's #1 business leader
  • The most influential leadership expert in the world
  • His organizations have trained more than 6 million leaders in 196 countries
  • Has sold more than 25 million books in 50 languages