Beyond Success
Transformation for individuals, businesses, and whole communities

What is Beyond Success?

The program is, at its core, an outreach from believers to their circles of influence, often within the professional business community. We train local influencers to conduct Beyond Success Roundtables with other leaders and acquaintances.

Roundtables offer a highly accessible pathway to personal improvement, as well as an opportunity to hear John C. Maxwell talk about his faith. We have already seen the effectiveness of this strategy: peoples’ lives are improving as they apply the principles, and many thousands have come to Christ.

We’ve been invited to bring our proven Beyond Success movement to the Middle East! Today, we invite you to help us make it happen ...

Beyond Success by the Numbers

  • 45% of non-Christian attendees accept Christ as a result of the final lessons of Beyond Success.*
  • To date we have 65,757 program facilitators.
  • 345,545 people have participated in 43,864 Roundtables.
  • And 36,213 have come to faith in Christ in 2022!

* percentage reflects results from 2020-present.

And now, we’ve been invited to bring our proven Beyond Success movement to the Middle East!

This is a truly incredible opportunity to share the Gospel message and biblical leadership principles in some of the hardest to reach nations on earth, where traditional evangelism efforts face heavy opposition ... and where a spiritual awakening among younger generations has made hearts more open to Christ than ever before!

Now is the time to seize this momentum and take Beyond Success to the next level.

Will you step up and be part of the movement of transforming lives all around the world?

  • Our immediate fundraising goal is $2 million to continue to support and expand the program globally.
  • Our overarching goal is to see 250,000 people dedicate their lives to Christ through Beyond Success by the end of 2022.

These are big goals, audacious ones — and important ones. This is why we hope you will prayerfully choose to be a part of them.

  • $5,005 to reach 143 people for Christ
  • $10,010 to reach 286 people
  • $20,020 to reach 572 people
  • $35,000 to reach 1,000 people
  • $ ________ to reach as many people as possible