Latin America


 latin-america-1.jpg“I thank God for these trainings by EQUIP, Lidere, John Maxwell and his great team. In each training, I have received tools to be transformed by changing our thinking structures and the attitudes that detain us in our lives and in our service to God [by defeating our own selves and their limitations; by putting into practice and

developing every gift and talent God has given us, so as to be “enlightening” leaders wherever He wants to take us to influence others by using these tools]. I am grateful for having the privilege of being part of what God is doing throughout the world and through this great team. Do not miss the opportunity of being part of these teachings. You’d just be postponing what God wants to do with your life. God bless you!” - Claudio

www.iequip-15.jpg“In these studies by Lidere [EQUIP’s Latin American partner], I have acquired the talent of knowing when to be silent, how to listen to others and how to analyze things before making decisions. It’s been two years now that I’ve been working for the city’s [Cordoba, Argentina] traffic division.  After applying the lessons and my influence, a division which seemed not to have a way out, has completely transformed into one of the divisions which has obtained the greatest results.” – Diego



“Though I am not a businessman, being 18-years-old, I have the privilege of influencing and being in charge of people. I have been here every time EQUIP has and it has been a blessing. Using what I’ve learned in every lesson brings about changes in my family and social circle.  Getting to know new strategies for producing and impact on people has been a blessing for me.” –Emaniel

“I want to thank EQUIP and Lidere [EQUIP’s Latin America partner] for the lessons. I learned how to handle different situations.  They have helped me to work in lessons in projects for the university. The lessons have helped me to select my friends and to make better choices in regards to teammates.  Then, I could teach them what I learned. It was difficult for me to study. It seemed monotonous to me, but I learned that there are many ways of doing things.  We have to be creative.  Now, in order to study, I scan the texts just to understand.  Then, I think about how to apply what I read in my life. I close my eyes and imagine all the possibilities.  Being creative made me the best student in the class.” – Abel



In Cordoba, Argentina, EQUIP’s influence continues to expand beyond traditional training conferences. In the fall of 2013, 135 people attended a discussion designed for business leaders. They received such value from that discussion, 35 of those individuals, signed up for the EQUIP conference held at a local church that weekend taking tangible steps towards faith.