Europe/Central Asia


“I am a growing leader in the area of Fashion Business. My passion is to help restore women that were trafficked. I believe that Fashion Industry/Tailoring can help many of these women get a job and express themselves through the high quality products that can be sold locally and on the foreign markets. I am on fire to help revolutionize a very simple concept of connection between the buyer and manufacturer. I want people that will buy the garments made of these ladies, to know who made the garment and how it helps the person. I was invited to be part of the EQUIP trainings in [a Central Asian country], and did not regret at all. This training opened my eyes to how to attract people as well as how to build them up and make out of them a great team. An awesome lesson for me was how to maintain the team, because of the struggle with the flow of people due to the instability in the economy. I received excellent advices on how to work with staff and the customers. Thank you EQUIP for the key that I found for these issues I’m facing, I am decided for the progress and success of many people.” – Svetlana

europe-central-asia-2.jpg A retail manager of a tailoring shop is leveraging the EQUIP training to impact the women that work with her.  This shop was set up to serve the women in the community, as there are many who have been trafficked.  Since her training this spring, the EQUIP leader (pictured here in the white and black jacket) leads the workers in a daily 15 minute devotion using the EQUIP materials.  “I believe every Christian leader can take it, adopt it and use at his place to teach his workers.  When the way of thinking changes, it changes the whole work place environment for good and it will spread everywhere."

europe-central-asia-3.jpg"I am a pastor of the church in the central part of Moldova. For years I’ve been struggling with the poverty of our town, thinking that it is kind of a curse, or we’ve done something evil and God is angry with us. People are leaving looking for jobs in Russia, our girls are sold and trafficked as prostitutes in Turkey, our kids have to suffer malnutrition and work as slaves on the fields of the reach farmers. I’ve been asking God why, how can we as a local church change the atmosphere of our town by finding ways to help the community. We as the team of our church were invited two years ago to the EQUIP trainings, and we’re so thankful for this opportunity, as it opened my eyes to the truths that I’ve never heard on vision, strategy, team’s development, as well as to the fact that pastors and businessmen need to work together and help each other. Since we started attending trainings twice a year, I was able to teach these training materials in my local congregation and encourage, as well as mentor two brothers with whom we started three large greenhouses, a chicken farm that provides paid jobs to local people, and ten percent of the income goes to ministry to the disadvantaged kids, also we’re able to support some of our ministry to the disabled people. We’re so grateful for the light of the Truth. EQUIP trainings opened my eyes to the truths that I never knew that are in the Bibles and can change towns.” - Victor


closed-countries-photo-for-global-snapshots-page.jpgEQUIP is training in a country closed to Christianity. A recent conference occurred in the midst of great tribulation. Among those connected to the Church, 130 homes were destroyed by an angry mob of Muslims, with the support of the local police. No one was there to protect them, as more than 130 families lost everything what they had.  In this time of trial, it was wonderful opportunity for EQUIP to press on and stand with the suffering church and leaders as a source of blessings. About 80 pastors and leaders from different churches and other walks of life turned in with great fervor and interest, from the nearby cities. Knowing the reputation of Volume 1 teachings, they were eager to receive training of Volume 2. There was great time of sharing from the participants as well as Q & A at the end of every session. There were moments during the teaching, when the leaders were in tears as the Holy Spirit moved and addressed certain issues in their lives.


“EQUIP has helped me be more intentional in my personal development and challenged me to be more effective as an introverted leader.” - Daniel 

croatia-group-small.jpgThis group of Croatian leaders in the photo above smiles and celebrates the completion of Volume 1 materials. These leaders are hungry for additional training as they are already applying it in their streams of influence. This year, EQUIP will help them translate the materials for Volume 2 to support the Croatian nationals, who have taken full ownership of training their leaders.