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Dear Friends,

I write this message with a sense of excitement as it is truly a new chapter at EQUIP! Our recently appointed President, Terence Chatmon, has taken the reins and already we are seeing wonderful fruit from his leadership. In addition, our new Vice President of Advancement, R.D. Saunders has brought great enthusiasm to all our efforts. And, while I am thrilled about where we are, what truly excites me is where we are going.

It is clear that the world has never needed so desperately to hear the transforming message of Jesus Christ than now. Billions of people are crying out, hoping for someone to come into their lives with a solution for the God-shaped void they feel within. But, raising up the someones of the world who share the soul-filling message of Christ is what EQUIP has always been about. We raise leaders who share their faith and there has never been a more perfect moment for EQUIP and our friends than right now!

Because of two decades of faithfully investing in leaders in 196 nations, trust has been built around the world. Open doors are everywhere! Dear friends, we must leverage every ounce of favor and influence God has given us to reach the lost – and we are being called to do it now.

Through our Country Transformation and Salt & Light global evangelism initiatives, lives are being changed.  Look at what is happening this month alone:

- We expect 30,000 men and women to commit to Christ during evangelism events with John Maxwell in Paraguay and Guatemala. 

- Volunteer Associate Trainers will train hundreds of Christians in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia to host small group roundtables in which they will connect, add value, and share Christ with unsaved friends and associates.

- By December, tens of thousands will be involved in roundtables where they will encounter the transforming grace of our Lord Jesus!

- With your help, every new believer will go home with a Bible and other discipleship materials in their hands!

Isn’t that incredible! All of these exciting achievements were made possible by your generosity.  But your partnership is needed now as never before. We dare not delay…this is about eternity. I am asking you to please invest today in bringing souls to faith in Christ. Your gift will make an eternal difference.

You can give online now by clicking here.

If you prefer to mail your gift, the address is EQUIP, 2050 Sugarloaf Circle, Duluth, GA 30097. 

Your gift, whatever the amount, will be received with heartfelt gratitude. Because of the size of the need, no gift is too large. I thank you in advance for your generosity.

Gratefully yours in Christ,

Doug Carter

Senior Vice President