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We are in the middle of a spiritual battle


We are in the midst of a great spiritual battle.  Daniel foretold it.  News reports show evidence daily.  Less than three years ago, the Arab Spring began.  To date, rulers have been forced from power, civil uprisings have erupted and major and minor protests have broken out across the Middle East.  Virtually no nation has been untouched as Islamic leaders look to restore a caliphate – an Islamic empire ruled by a spiritual successor to Mohammed -- that once covered the entire region and beyond. 

The swiftness with which this manifested has significantly impacted EQUIP’s ability to train in this region.  Thus, EQUIP has moved quickly to adapt and deploy new strategies to train Christian leaders.  Christians are facing intense persecution, at times supported by and often times overlooked by, governing bodies across the regions.  In the past, EQUIP was able to gather large groups of Christian leaders in churches across the region.  In today’s reality, this approach would put tremendous risk on leaders who attended an EQUIP conference or those who traveled from North America to conduct it.  Daily, Christians are targeted across the region.  Church bombings, kidnappings, violence and business sabotage have become common in Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Tunisia and beyond.

In 2013, EQUIP initiated a new approach to equip Christian leaders in a more effective way amidst the aggressive encroachment of Muslim influence.  EQUIP has identified neutral locations in  neighboring countries to the Middle East, Gulf States, Northern Africa, to host trainings of top level Christian leaders from across each region. 

In April 2013, EQUIP trained 27 proven leaders from EgyptIsraelLebanon, Jordan, Kuwait and Cyprus.  Since then, these leaders with established influence, cultural sensitivity and the ability to travel freely in-country have been hard at work.  Not only are they funding their own conferences, they are identifying additional Christian leaders in their church and community eager to make an impact for the Kingdom.  One year later, more than 50 leaders are engaged in the HUB conferences.  That group represents more than 1700 leaders across the region where their influence is igniting spiritual revival and unity within the Body of Christ in these difficult regions.

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