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Current Initiatives

Salt and Light Global Initiative

EQUIP exists to mobilize transformational leaders that breathe the love and truth of Christ into their streams of influence and therefore, change lives and transform nations! In 2013, EQUIP went to Guatemala to see if Transformation was possible in a country. The Guatemala Transformation Initiative launched a movement and informed EQUIP’s strategy for making transformation possible.  EQUIP’s Regional Transformational Initiatives aim to develop a customized, indigenous plan to launch movements of transformation in each region of the world. Click here to see where these movements have already begun!   

HUB Strategy

Developing and mobilizing Christian leaders requires a specific strategy that meets the political and religious temperature of the region. EQUIP’s Leadership Training model poses risks in a region where Islamic governments and aggressive Muslim influence put Christians at risk. The HUB Strategy mobilizes high-level Christian leaders from countries in the Middle East, Gulf States and North Africa by equipping them with materials and encouragement to conduct grass-roots training in these difficult to reach areas. Click here to read about the impact happening in this region.

EQUIP Leadership Training – Million Leaders Mandate

EQUIP has trained more than 6 million leaders with Biblical servant-leadership in every country of the world.


Impacting The World

EQUIP looks at the world as 10 regions.


Latin America                                    China                             

North America                                   Eastern Europe    

Sub Saharan Africa                           Western Europe

Central Asia                                       India

Asia Pacific                                       Middle East